Comforts for Children
Initiated February 1991 in Lane County, Oregon

Comfort for Children thanks all the quilters who have been donating quilts to the project. We gave away 1034 in 2016. As of Feb 26, 2017 we have an inventory of 253 quilts. Crib and bunk size quilts are needed."

Some of the quilts that were ready for distribution on Feb 17, 2017

Director: Mary Parish,

CFC has 253 quilts available for distribution as of Feb 26, 2017.

Agencies served by CFC may request quilts by email or phone.

COMFORTS FOR CHILDREN (CFC) serves "at risk" children, birth through age 17, in Lane County, Oregon with the gift of a small quilt. Our primary focus is to comfort neglected and abused children suffering the pain of separation from familiar surroundings and belongings. We distribute our quilts through agencies that serve the public.

CFC has distributed 31,628 comfort and bunk-size quilts as of February 26, 2017.

CFC is an all-volunteer effort. It is not a business. No one receives any remuneration for time and effort expended. Materials are donated.

CFC volunteer work sessions are every Thursday from 12:30pm to 4:00pm at Campbell Senior Center, 155 High Street, Eugene, Oregon. Visitors and new volunteers are welcome!

Quilt kits may be checked out and finished quilts returned at Campbell Center any weekday between 12:30pm and 4:00pm.

Click here for a map to Campbell Center.

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